The Beginner’s Guide To Teespring: Part 4 Measure Niche Size

Chapter 2: Measure the Size of the Niche

The custom audience tool in Facebook’s advertising platform is an excellent way to measure the size of an audience. You can find out how many people are into Jane Austen, and how many of them are also firefighters.

Ideally, you want to target a niche of around 50,000 people. If there are that many highly targeted core fans for your t-shirt idea, you’ll be able to run a decent test. If your t-shirt sells well, you can widen the net a little.

If there aren’t enough people in the niche, you should either target a different audience or broaden your scope until you find a less specific niche that is big enough.

When you are in Facebook’s Ads Manager, here’s where you can put a figure on the number of people in your target audience.

Facebook ads

Facebook makes it incredibly simple to target a tightly defined audience. You can use demographic and psychographic data to select a tiny group of people who are extremely likely to be interested in a product.

Check out how Facebook can help you zero in on your tightly defined audience.

Facebook ads location selection

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