The Beginner’s Guide To Teespring: Part 7 Finding a Designer

Chapter 5: Design a T-Shirt

Don’t let creating the shirt designs overwhelm you. I promise you, not everyone who’s running successful Teespring campaigns knows jack about designing. What’s more, there are several shirt designs that look really dull.
Do you want proof? Check out these designs and take notice of the number of shirts sold.

A proud son tshirt designBlessed by god shirt designRap shirt design
After having seen these three successful campaigns, I hope you realize by now that the message that your shirt carries, is just as important (maybe even more important) than the way your shirt looks.

If your shirt has a compelling message, and the design just looks “okay”, then you’d still have a good chance of having a profitable campaign — considering that you do everything else the right way, of course.

Also, you need to make sure that you don’t use any copyrighted materials without permission. It’s OK to use public domain images or “Creative Commons” images. Of course, you should only choose images that don’t require attribution (where you acknowledge the artist) because you don’t have enough space on the t-shirt.

Choose images with one or two colors. The more colors you use, the less you will earn from each sale. So try to use one color. You should also try to avoid too much detail, as it won’t print well.

Don’t choose tiny pictures – they won’t scale well too. As these images are stretched, to fit on the shirt, they become an ugly jumble of pixels. If you’re deliberately aiming for that effect, then that’s fine. Otherwise, find an image that’s big enough from the start.

In the worst case, you can always get a photo and trace it in an image editor! You can edit your own images using a program called GIMP – it’s similar to Photoshop, but it’s free.

Don’t spend days or weeks slaving over the design – simple designs work excellently, especially if it has a strong message.
Instead of working on the designs yourself, you can also outsource this task using other platforms.


Just for $5, you can get an amazing shirt design that you can use for your Teespring campaigns.
Just head over to, type in “Teespring” on their search engine, and you’ll get several designers who can create amazing shirt designs for you for only $5.

Fiverr Home Page


99designs homepage

99designs is more expensive than Fiverr. However, if you’ve found a winning niche and you feel that the only thing that’s preventing you from getting thousands of sales is your shirt design, then you need to give 99designs a shot.

What I like the most about this platform is that you can choose from several designs sent by various highly skilled designers.

This is basically how it works:

You’ll set a contest where you’ll add a description of the kind of design that you need.
99designers’ global community of designers will then submit their work so you can provide your feedback.
Seven days later, you can pick your winning design out of all the designs sent to you.

If you’d like to give the 99design route a closer look, you can visit this page.


Freelancer Homepage

There are a lot of skilled yet affordable designers at The way the platform works is really simple. You just need to put out a job opening for the kind of designers that you’re looking for, from there,’s designers will apply for the position.

Once you’ve found a designer that fits your requirements, you can then instruct him/her to create the kind of design that you’re looking for.

* Important note – you need to screen your applicants carefully. One of the best things that you can do is mention in your job post that you need them to send some samples of their previous work. That way, you’ll have an idea of how skilled the applicants are.

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