The Beginner’s Guide To Teespring: Part 9 Creating a FB Page

Chapter 7: Creating a Facebook Page.

Now that you have a shirt design and a specific niche that you want to target, it’s time to create your FB page so you can start running your ads.
But before we talk about the how-tos of things, let’s talk about some of the critical points you need to remember when creating a page.

a. Create niche-specific FB pages.

I know how other marketers are all for creating generic-themed FB pages. After all, there are certainly some upsides to it. However, I prefer creating niche=specific ones — and I suggest that you do the same thing too.
Here’s the deal, when your FB page is generic, it becomes quite challenging for you to nurture your relationships with your audience, and connect with them.

Imagine this. Let’s say that your FB page’s name is, “The Best Deals Today.” With this kind of FB page, you’d have a rag-tag group of followers.

Others are looking for appliances, others are into clothes, and some are into gadgets, etc…

At this point, you wouldn’t be able to tell what interests your audience the most, since your page didn’t even have a specific theme.

And so the question becomes, if you can’t determine what specific topics your audience are interested in, or are passionate about, then how will you know if the shirt idea that you’re looking to try would even resonate with them?
If you have a niche-specific FB page, however, figuring out the kind of designs that would resonate with your audience becomes a lot easier.

b. Choose a descriptive name.

As much as possible, add your keyword in your FB page’s name. That way, your audience will know exactly what to expect when visiting your page.

c. Nurture/grow your community.

While there are some advantages to be had when using paid ads, I have to admit that the paid ads route doesn’t have any longevity to it. When your ads are shut down, then you won’t be able to sell any shirts.

On the other hand, if you’ve managed to grow your community, then you can sell to them over and over again without having to spend for anything.

Besides, when you have a page with a healthy number of followers, it can act as social proof to your “would-be buyers”.
Note – do not just sell to your audience blindly. You can use the 90:10 ratio where you’ll share helpful content 90% of the time, then use 10% offering your shirts.

d. Be consistent when publishing content.

There are countless benefits that you can get from publishing content regularly: a) it can help grow your audience, b) it helps you with engaging your community, c) it nourishes your relationship with your audience among others.

Alrighty! Now that we have the basics down allow me to walk you through the process.

a. Click the “Create page”, option on the drop down menu.

Click Create Page Facebook

b. Click “Cause or Community.”

Click on Cause or Community

c. Enter the name you’d like to use on your FB page, then click “Get Started”.

Give Your Page a Name

d. Follow the actions required on the succeeding steps (i.e. adding a description and adding a profile photo, etc…). I usually just skip the “Add to favorites”, and the “Preferred Page Audience” step.

Add a Short Description

e. Add a cover photo.

Finally, add your profile and cover photo

f. Add at least 4 – 5 posts. This step is optional. Based on my experience, however, I tend to get better results in selling my first shirt design if I add the initial posts.

Alright. Now that you’ve created an FB page; let’s head to the next chapter where we will dive in deep into creating ad campaigns.

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  • Do you really need to create a facebook fan page? What if you only want to sell one shirt as part of a niche and have it click through directly to teespring? I feel like just an ad would be good enough..

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