The Beginner’s Guide To Teespring: Part 11 Testing Campaigns

Chapter 9: Run a Test Campaign

The next step is to run a small direct ad campaign to see if the t-shirts will sell to your target niche. The ad should link directly to the t-shirt’s page on Teespring.
Run a tightly-targeted campaign aimed at the most fanatical members of your target audience. You can target them by demographics and interests. Remember, the more specific your audience is, the better.

Use the image, title, and description from your Teespring page. Set a small budget (so you don’t accidentally burn up all your money with traffic that doesn’t convert). The budget I use is $10. If the campaign doesn’t get you any sales, then you can start making adjustments.

These are some of the things that I look into when trying to fix a campaign that isn’t performing:

a. Are the people sharing or liking the ad?
b. What are their comments like?
c. Are the people tagging their friends and saying, “I want this” or “someone buy me this.”

If I see any of these, then I give the campaign another $5 – $10. If it still doesn’t get any results, then I kill the campaign.

Don’t try to be too fancy or clever at this stage. What you’re really testing are the niche and the design. Will these people actually buy your custom t-shirts? If they do, then you can refine your ads and reach out to new people in the next step.

For now, focus on getting your first 5 campaigns up and running. All you have to do after that is watch your stats, especially your return on investment (ROI). Track how much profit you make for every dollar you spent – and remember, campaigns can make you lose money too.

You’ll find that most of your ads will end up losing your money. You’ll end up making less than what you spend. When that happens, just cancel the ad and forget about it (remember to learn from it, though). Focus your efforts on your other campaigns. If they are profitable, keep them running.

Remember to continue learning and testing; you are bound to have a successful campaign. Just repeat the process of running 5 trial campaigns at a time until you find one that works. Of course, the more split campaigns you run, the better. Other seasoned Teespring marketers who are making hundreds of thousands of dollars are running about 40 campaigns per week.

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