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Your Guide to Split Testing Ads in Facebook

Your Guide to Split Testing Ads in Facebook

When I started selling lemonade as a kid, I couldn’t figure out which garnish my customers would prefer the most. Could it be mint, rosemary, or basil? I remember getting the, “I’m-not-sure-either” answer when I asked my parents about it. And so, the solution I came up with was to offer 1 type of garnish per day, for the entire week, and see which garnish would get more sales. Interestingly enough, the end results showed that my customers prefer not having any garnish in their lemonades. Pretty anticlimactic, huh? 🙂 But wait a minute, why am I talking to you about my experience as a kid selling lemonades? What does it have to do with use selling shirts, you might?[…]

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